Labor Relations

title_labor_relationsMore than 80 years of collective staff experience negotiating and interpreting union contracts uniquely positions ACCNJ as the premier construction organization in New Jersey, with labor relations as its trademark. The Association's labor relations services are comprehensive, ranging from furnishing accurate wage data and current collective bargaining agreements, to ensuring contracts are fairly interpreted. ACCNJ works with each of our labor partners to build and strengthen those partnerships for the benefit of all. As a result, private and public owners continue to recognize that union contractors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skilled craftworkers to each job.

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Bargaining Agent

ACCNJ negotiates agreements with more than a dozen local, statewide and regional labor unions, including the Bricklayers, Carpenters, Dockbuilders, Ironworkers, Laborers, Operating Engineers and Teamsters. Members routinely engage the association to represent them in collective bargaining by assigning their bargaining rights to ACCNJ. Our prime focus is keeping union contractors competitive.


Contract Interpretation

Members have come to rely on ACCNJ for problem-solving. When unfamiliar contract provisions or unanticipated jobsite circumstances make the on-the-ground situation foggy, ACCNJ helps members safely navigate the contract.

Trusted Information Source

ACCNJ produces a Labor Information Reference available to contractors that employ trade labor. This reference book of critical labor information, which is updated frequently, includes wage rates for the general construction trades, contract summaries, trade directories, and much more. This reference is as important to a contractor as a dictionary is to a writer. In addition to New Jersey-centric content, the Association provides updates on national labor news pertinent to members such as employment statistics, immigration policy, and the like

Project Labor Agreements & Standard Concession Agreements

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) can create market opportunities for reputable contractors and are a valuable tool for owners. ACCNJ tracks PLA initiatives and assists members in developing competitive agreements. The Association also works with our trade partners to create standardized concession agreements to establish uniform working conditions in the face of non-union bidding competition.

Labor Management Cooperatives

The objective of labor/management cooperatives is to preserve, identify and expand employment opportunities for union contractors and craft workers. BCANJ currently supports the following:


Industry Advancement Trust

ACCNJ Industry Advancement Trust collects, safeguards and distributes employer contributions through collective bargaining agreements. The Trust works to improve the safety and efficiency of union construction, develop construction opportunities in the region, and promote union-affiliated contractors to owners, academia, the larger construction community and the public.