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Safety & Health

ACCNJ emphasizes planning for a safe workplace to prevent accidents, which ultimately protects craftworkers, ensures the public’s safety and keeps jobs running on time. Continually improving jobsite safety and focusing on the mental and physical well-being of the individuals that comprise the construction industry is a priority for the Association.

SAFETY TRAINING is offered through ACCNJ and our labor partners. Whether it is the OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety & Health course, Train-the-Trainer programs, or area-specific trainings, members and craftworkers have opportunities to gain the safety credentials they need through the Association or by accessing the finest construction safety training available through our union partners.

The Association’s annual SAFETY AWARDS PROGRAM recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of New Jersey contractors in keeping their workforce safe while on the job. Contractors are evaluated based on their lost-time incidents compared to their total labor-hours worked and then compared against the national average for the previous year. ACCNJ members are also eligible to participate in the AGC of America Safety Awards Program.

Held in January, April, July and October, the quarterly SAFETY COUNCIL MEETINGS serve as a networking and information exchange opportunity for members, including Construction Managers, General Contractors, and Subcontractors, as well as OSHA area representatives and the general construction trades' training directors. Each meeting contains an educational element and set agenda.

In 2022, ACCNJ renamed its SAFETY RECOGNITION PROGRAM for our longtime friend, Mike Corbett. Mike was a Compliance Assistance Specialist for OSHA Region II and not only provided a wealth of safety information to our members and industry, but he also exuded kindness, compassion, and a general concern for everyone’s wellbeing.

The Mike Corbett Memorial Safety Award is designed to identify those that have shown an exemplary commitment or random act of safety that has made them a standout for their efforts. The individual may be a union craftworker or company employee, with the award presented at the July Safety Council Meeting.

SAFETY DAY is hosted in early May each year. Safety Day is aimed at promoting the importance of safety in all aspects of the construction industry, including raising public awareness about using caution when traveling around all construction work zones and to refocus the attention of workers on the key elements of staying safe while on the job. ACCNJ also includes a special emphasis on mental health and physical wellbeing. These goals are designed to ensure those individuals working on member job sites will be able to return home to their families safe and sound each day. This is our opportunity to thank your teams for protecting themselves and showing they care for others.

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