Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey

Monthly Update

January 2016


Labor News


FASB Disclosure Information

In Bulletin 16-16, we distributed information provided to us by Fund Counsel and Fund Administrators on the various Pension Funds to which ACCNJ members may be party. Once again, members will need to disclose this information on the footnote of your balance sheets in order to comply with the FASB Plan Disclosure requirement.  Access the bulletin in the members-only section at

Bargaining Rights Authorization

In Bulletin 05-16, Active Members received ACCNJ Bargaining Rights Authorization forms for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters; New Jersey Building Construction Laborers District Council, Locals 3 & 77; Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers, Local Unions No. 4 & 5; and Dockbuilders, Local No. 1556, whose Collective Bargaining Agreements with ACCNJ expire on April 30, 2016. Access the bulletin in the members-only section at

February Holiday Provisions

In Bulletin 09-16, we sent Active Members information on the trades' holiday provisions for February 15, 2016, Presidents' Day. Access the bulletin in the members-only section at

Updated Contract Summary

In Bulletin 10-16, we informed you we have updated the Contract Summary for the general construction trades, which includes language from the Collective Bargaining Agreements on the most-often-referred-to work rules. Access the bulletin and summary in the members-only section at

Ironworkers Local 11 

On January 13, we advised Active Members via email that the Ironworkers, Local 11 Collective Bargaining Agreement effective July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2018, has been posted in the members-only section at Hard copies of the Agreement are available through the ACCNJ office. Please email requests to Patty Battaglino,


Government Affairs

AC Recovery Plan Announced

In Bulletin 15-16, we announced the news of a five-year economic recovery plan for Atlantic City that gives the state expanded responsibility and decision-making authority over the city's finances. Full details of the plan have not yet been released. Access the bulletin in the members-only section at


Association and Member News

Membership Meeting Minutes and Slate of Officers & Trustees

In Bulletin 02-16, we distributed the minutes of the 2015 Annual Membership Meeting held on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at The Clubhouse at Galloping Hill, Kenilworth. Also attached with the bulletin was the slate of 2016 officers and members of the Board of Trustees approved at the Annual Meeting. The bulletin may be accessed in the members-only section at

Member Certifications

In Bulletin 06-16, we invited members to submit information for inclusion in our member certification database, with certifications as specified by federal, state and local contracting authorities. We will continue to update the database, and encourage members to contact us with changes. The bulletin may be accessed in the members-only section at


Education and Workforce Development

Student Summer Internship Program Update - RESUMES AVAILABLE

In Bulletin 11-16, we again told Active Members 72 students were invited to attend the Career Fair on January 6. If you were unable to attend the Career Fair but would like to review student resumes for summer internships, please contact Jill Schiff at or 732.225.2265.

GPRO Series: Fundamentals of Building Green

ACCNJ hosted the US Green Building's "Fundamentals of Building Green" certificate program on January 15. In partnership with the USGBC's New Jersey Chapter, we will be able to offer subsequent programs free-of-charge to our members. Look for further details in the upcoming months.




ACCNJ Safety Awards Program

In Bulletin 04-16, we announced the ACCNJ Safety Awards Program to recognize Active Members for their safety excellence. An entry form was included with the bulletin. Awards will be presented at the ACCNJ's June Membership Meeting. For details, access the bulletin in the members-only section at

National AGC Safety Awards Program

In Bulletin 03-15, Active Members received information about the 2015 NASA program description and instructions for entry. Deadline for entry was February 1, 2016. The bulletin may be accessed in the members-only section at

Training Center Construction Safety Courses

In Bulletin 12-16, we distributed to Active Members the February schedule of safety training courses offered at the training centers affiliated with the general construction trades. Access the bulletin in the members-only section at

OSHA Creates New Injury Reporting Web Page

OSHA has created a streamlined reporting webpage to help employers comply with the injury-reporting requirements, which went into effect a year ago. The page offers the option to report incidents online, and can be found at


ACCNJ Upcoming Events & Meetings

March Membership Meeting - March 15

In Bulletin 08-16, members were invited to the March Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 15, at the Doubletree Hotel in Eatontown -- beginning at 3:30 pm, a NEW TIME.  We are pleased to welcome Kevin Duncan, PhD, Senior Economist, BCG Economics and Professor of Economics at Colorado State University-Pueblo for a presentation on "The Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impacts of State Prevailing Wage Laws."  Because this subject is of great significance to not only our industry but the state's economy in general, we are inviting government, legislative and labor leaders to join us that day. We hope your schedule allows you to be there as well. Please complete and return the registration form attached to the bulletin, which may be accessed in the members-only section at

ACCNJ 2016 Conference - Registration Now Open!

Online registration is now open for ACCNJ's Annual Conference, May 1-5, 2016, at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida. Plan to join your colleagues for this annual program of business and networking sessions in an informal setting. Access the flyer in the members-only section at under October 2015 Bulletins.

2015 Bulletin Summary

As always, the first bulletin of the year summarizes all the bulletins distributed in the previous year. Bulletin 01-16, sent January 4, recaps 2015 bulletins, which are available in the members-only section at

2016 Events

For a listing of events scheduled in 2016, visit and click on the "Events" tab in the lower-right corner of the home page. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year!


Hot Topics Recap

In January, we posted these Hot Topics at

• BLS Report:  Union Membership Rate Remains Unchanged

• Construction Employment Strong in December State-by-State

• Gateway Projects Could Cost Nearly $24 Billion

• Feds Award $176 Million for NYC Storm Protection

• Port Authority Drops Truck Retrofit Requirements at Seaports

• Amazon's Audible to Turn Old Newark Church into R&D Hub

• Vineland's Allied Specialty Foods Plots $14 Million Addition

• $1 Billion Expansion Planned for New York's Javits Center

• CRDA Approves Funding for Stockton 's AC Campus and Boraie Development Project

• Update:  New Jersey Wind Farm off Atlantic City


Industry News & Events 

School Construction Referendum Results

In Bulletin 13-16, we detailed the school construction projects passed by five school districts in the special elections on January 26. Access the bulletin in the members-only section at

AGC 2016 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook

In Bulletin 07-16, we forwarded to members the results of the AGC of America annual survey on Construction Hiring and Business Outlook, a projection of construction activities and business climate for the coming year. Enough New Jersey firms responded to the survey to merit our own state report, also attached with the bulletin. For highlights and full reports, access the bulletin in the members-only section at